The Hodge Podge is a mix of alternative rock and folk music

with a bit of useless facts thrown in for good measure….

Download  and enjoy…

The Mike and Daragh Show featuring Uncle Daz Agony Uncle Segment



  1. Billy Badger says:

    Hi dazfla…
    I am your biggest fan..I listen to today fm all day at work and dream of hearing your “come to bed” voice on there..It would make my day to listen to you instead of Matt Cooper..
    …will you give me your Address and phone number so i can keep a eye on you..
    later,sweet voice

    • dazfla says:

      Thanks for your enthusiasm billy…
      its always great to hear from new fans..
      im would like to give you my address and number but im holding out on a call from Nina Dobrev.
      Stay Badgered

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